Ideas for Romantic Dinner - Two Suitable Dishes to Cook on Your Own

A romantic evening with your loved one can be absolutely great. On the other side, hopelessly spoiled with a too dense dinner. In the case you want that evening to last for long and turn into a passionate night, you better avoid trying to feed your partner making them feel full and happy. Acting in some other way will help you reach the goal and make your evening unforgettable.
People noticed that certain meals and food components were able to improve one’s mood, relax their bodies and add some drive long ago. That’s how erotic cookery appeared. Meals belonging to that kind contain at least 1 or 2 aphrodisiac products.
Aphrodisiacs are present in animal food, plant food and seafood. There are also multiple spices containing them. These substances stimulate one’s drive and provide great endurance. That’s exactly what you need during a good date, isn’t it?
Make sure you cook small portions. A large and complete meal will rather sedate you and your partner, and won’t tune you both to the required mood. Aphrodisiacs contained there won’t be helpful in this case, too.
Some light romantic dinner with a glass of nice wine is a perfect day ending and the beginning for some promising night. In case you don’t have a partner to spend that time with yet, check this Ashley Madison site review. You’ll know what to do next. Finally, here below you’ll find two meals to cook for a romantic dinner with your honey.

Salmon Carpaccio: Suitable & Tasty Snack

To cook this cool snack, you’ll need the freshest salmon fillet. Cut it into thin slices, put on a dish, add salt and pepper. Then, marinate it in just squeezed tomato juice or a mix of freshly prepared lemon and orange juices.
After that, add a few basil leaves, cover with food wrap and put into the fridge for at least 3 hours. The salmon will marinate to the desired state throughout this time.
When it’s done, serve salmon carpaccio on the table. You can try decorating it with some capers, lemon slices and dill branches.

Dorada with Vegetables and Greens: Soft & Light Meal

Now, let’s proceed with something more complicated but equally tasty. To cook this, you’ll need:
- Dorada (Gilt-head bream) - 2 pcs,
- Tomato - 2 pcs,
- Sweet pepper - 1 pcs,
- Dill greenery, cilantro, parsley - 1 bundle,
- Garlic - 2 cloves,
- Laurel leaf - 2 pcs,
- Olive oil,
- Salt,
- Pepper.
Place chopped herbs, garlic, a little olive oil, salt, pepper in a blender bowl and grind everything to get paste.
Cut the skin of the previously prepared fish in several points. Rub the fish inside and outside with the previously prepared paste.
Clean the pepper from the seeds and remove the stalk. Cut tomatoes and pepper into rings.
Then, take a large sheet of foil, lay half of the pepper and tomatoes on it. After that, place the fish and bay leaf on the vegetables, splash the fish with some oil and wrap up the foil piece as an envelope. Do the same with the second fish and the remaining vegetables.
Then, bake two pieces of a dish in the oven (180C for 20-30 minutes).
Congrats, you’ve got two unusual dishes to impress your sweetheart with! Have a nice dinner and spend a good time together after that!